We combine 19 years of Fortune 500 with 15 years of non-profit experience to help small businesses and non-profits make better business decisions.

MISSION To help you reach your goals.

PURPOSE To link brand strategy to creativity because it's design, not strategy, that ignites passion in people.

HOW WE'RE DIFFERENT We will not talk you into anything. We facilitate strategic choice discussions based on an understanding of your needs and wants.

​SERVICES Creative and consulting services range from advisory roles to contract CMO, and from graphic design to copywriting for advertising and social media.

CORPORATE EXPERIENCE Terry Helms, Helms Marketing Group principal, was the chief marketing officer at Hughes Supply when annual revenues grew from $661M to $3Bn at the NYSE-Listed firm.

NON-PROFIT EXPERIENCE Terry was the AVP Marketing at the University of Central Florida when U.S. student enrollment grew to No. 2 in the nation. He also completed consulting projects for more than 50 colleges and universities.

UNLIMITED RESOURCES We curate and coordinate a talent network of strategic partners to meet your exact needs.